Directions to Brookins Faith Temple African Methodist Episcopal Church
Take the Beltway 495 to Exit 20B – Bladensburg (450 Annapolis Road).
Get in the second lane (the first lane is turn only) as you come off the exit ramp. You should see the Metro Points Hotel and a shopping center on the right. There is a 7-11 store, Just Tires and an apartment complex on your left.
Continue on 450 Annapolis Road and turn right at the third light (Finns Lane).
The first light is 85th Avenue.
The second light is Riverdale Road (you’ll see a car dealership and Wendy’s on the right).
The third light is Finns Lane (you’ll see a Popeye’s and KFC on the left. A check cashing store will be on the right.)
Turn right at Finns Lane and then left into the parking lot of the church. (After turning right onto Finns Lane, make the first left.)